Hagley Park Events

The Council no longer provides public car parking on Hagley Park sports fields during events. This summer the fields at Carlton Mill Corner will undergo an upgrade to improve their quality and usability for sport. As a result parking on these fields is no longer permitted.

Public Parking

There are an estimated 12,000-14,000 on-street car parks within a 30 minute walk of Hagley Park. Use Parksmart to find your best parking option. 

Mobility Parking

Mobility parking is available in the Botanic Gardens car park. This is for mobility card holders only so please ensure you have your pass displayed. Please note access into the Botanic Gardens car park from Rolleston Avenue is via left hand turn only.

On-street mobility parking is also available in the Central City.  

Drop-off zones

Drop off-zones will be available on Harper Avenue and Park Terrace. People carrying equipment e.g deck chairs, picnics etc are encouraged to utilise these areas. If driving to the event you may also wish to shorten the walk for family members by dropping them at the drop-off zones before parking. 


It's a short walk from the bus interchange to Hagley Park. Check out what bus to take


Cycle racks are available for all major events at North Hagley Park. View possible cycling routes to plan your ride.